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My Essential Health delivers ancient medicines and natural remedies for modern day ailments and health conditions.

According to historical evidence, the Egyptians were one of the first to create distillation equipment and they were able to extract plant essences which they used for different purposes. Hippocrates, the father of medicine also studied the healing effects of oils and suggested that they could be good for health.

The word ‘aromatherapie’ was first coined by a French chemist named Rene – Maurice – Gattefossé in the year 1937. He had suffered a bad burn on his hand and plunged it in to a vat containing lavender oil. He found that the burn healed very quickly and without scarring! This led him to investigate the healing properties of essential oils.

Later on, an Australian biochemist, Madame Marguerite Maury developed the use of aromatherapy in massage and cosmetics.

Finally, it was Robert Tisserand who introduced the joys of aromatherapy to the English world. Aromatherapy is now recognised and used as a safe, non-invasive healing technique all over the world.


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